Have you ever considered the wonder that is your body? Or thought about how your body loves you so much it works for you constantly? Or how our senses allow us to appreciate fully the wonder of the world around us?

Self-improvement is a worthy pursuit. Most times we begin by noting only on our shortcomings and focusing on the wonderful future person we are striving to be. Unfortunately, often we make progress only to slide back to where we started.  Then we repeat the process. And repeat it again and again.

I am going to share with you two secrets to making lasting improvements in your life.

  1. Begin with a deep appreciation for the wonder that is you.
  2. Enjoy the journey.

Our bodies are performing constant miracles for us every second.  Not only do we take the act of staying alive for granted, but we also tend to forget the marvels in our bodies that allow us to appreciate this life.

Let’s look at our heart. The heart is a muscle that works 24/7. On average, it beats about 100,000 times per day, which equals about 2.5 billion beats during the average lifetime. It provides blood to almost all of the body’s 75 trillion cells. In one day, blood travels about 12,000 miles, which is about four times the distance across the US from coast to coast. Most importantly, it does this tremendous work without any conscious effort from us. Our heart, and the rest of our body, are dedicated to keeping us alive 24/7.

Next let’s look at our hearing, one of the senses that allow us to appreciate and enjoy life. Your ears take sound waves and translate them into electrical impulses for your brain to comprehend, through a system of bone, fluid and hair cells. There’s no digital technology, and you don’t have to worry about whether they’re turned on or not. But what joys do our ears provide? Music, the sound of a loved one’s voice, and the sounds of nature, to name a few things. Plus the safety feature of keeping us aware of any possible threat. Once again, for the most part the act of hearing requires no conscious effort.

Every cell in your body is working tremendously hard every day to not only keep you alive but allow you to enjoy life and all its wonders. These cells are not doing it for a reward or even a pat on the back, but just out of love for you.  Your body loves you and wants you to appreciate its gift of life. Wow!

So often we focus on what is wrong with our bodies and what we need to change. What we need to do first is start with appreciation and gratitude for the amazing gift that is our body.

Spend some time each day consciously being grateful for this magnificent gift. That’s the first step to lasting results.

Stay tuned for the next secret. Until then…

Take GOOD care of yourself.