About Pam

Following a successful career in psychotherapy, Pam trained in Integrative Health Coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine. Combining the best of all worlds, Integrative Medicine includes the whole person approach of mind, body, and spirit.  It includes therapies not normally considered by traditional medicine, such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. The Integrative Health Coaching process is based on years of proven success in numerous clinical studies. This dynamic program allows you to become the expert on what you choose to change, with the coach being the expert on the process of change.

By providing you with motivation, visualization and goal setting for sustainable behavior change, Pam’s personalized coaching successfully balances your personal goals and medical recommendations, and increases your ability to successfully implement them into your daily lifestyle.

Integrative Health Coaching Works

Integrative Health Coaching will help you live your best life, without sacrificing your life in the present. From her training at Duke Integrative Medicine, Pam learned a key point regarding wellness. “Our health needs change throughout our lives, and it is vitally important to reassess our personal health plan as our needs change. Addressing our changing needs is not quitting, it is respecting the changing nature of our beings.”

Pam bases the entire coaching process on mindful listening, where her complete focus is on you. She will help you link your goals to your values, identify obstacles, and find ways to overcome them.

About Pam’s Blog

Pam shares insights on how our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are key to the process of growth. She also provides her take on all the dimensions of the Wheel of Health as well as the latest discoveries in the areas of aging, health, and well being.