I’ve Got My Vision. What’s Next?


How best to use the vision you have created?


Close your eyes and see your creation on the horizon.  Make the image as vivid as you can.  Got it?  Great!

Beginnings can often be overwhelming.  Keeping things in perspective is key. Here are things you need to remember on your journey.

  • This is more a voyage at sea than a straight line on a clear horizon.
  • Remember the long run.
  • You are enough.
  • Celebrate your success.

A Voyage at Sea

Using the analogy of a voyage at sea can be very helpful.  It allows you to consider the way life actually happens.  The weather changes, things can get in your path, and sometimes you get blown off course. It is not a straight line to the finish line. Your vision is on the horizon, yet you will make adjustments to your course over time, whether it due to such changing circumstances as relocating to a new home, starting a business, loss of a loved one, illnesses, injuries, or financial difficulties. The state of our health is constantly changing, and readjusting our focus is a sign of success, not failure. Overall, the goal is to find the best way to care for yourself in the present moment.

The Long Run

Try to keep in mind that this image is what you desire for yourself in the long run.  Most of us have difficulty with the concept of the future.  We are conditioned to be creatures of instant gratification.  While achieving what you desire immediately may be possible in some situations, it’s important to remember many things take time. Consider also that time may include years, as well as days, weeks and months.

You are Enough

Another thing to be mindful of is that where you are at this moment is enough.  It is easy to look at our expectations and focus on the discrepancy between where we are now and where we want to be. It is best to be alert to any tendency to use this information against yourself.  I recommend celebrating your ability to see where you want to improve and taking the steps toward improvement.  Accepting and assessing your current level of satisfaction in these area is a gift, as is your ability to chart a reasonable course of change.

Celebrate Your Success

Finally, remember that celebrating your successes, no matter how small, is a powerful tool for lasting progress.  What ways of acknowledging your accomplishments are most meaningful to you?  Do you prefer private recognition or do you want to include others?  Do you need a small tangible reward?  Determining the best way to reward yourself is an essential step in the process of change.

Need one statement to sum this all up?  Try this on for size:

I maintain my stamina to negotiate this ever-changing voyage called life by acknowledging that I am enough, adjusting to current conditions, and celebrating along the way the steps I have taken.


Until next time…


Take GOOD care of yourself.