Your Vision, Part Three



How is your vision of a healthy, vibrant you coming along?  So far, we have covered the dimensions of movement, exercise, and rest, personal and professional development, your physical environment, your relationships and communication, and your mind-body connection.

As promised, I have more questions to help you expand your thoughts on nutrition and spirituality, the remaining two dimensions of your picture of health.


How has paying attention to what you eat and drink help to nourish and strengthen your body and mind?

What are your healthy eating habits?

How are you regulating such things as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and sugar?

How are your meals appealing to all your senses?


How aware are you of your sense of purpose and what gives your life meaning?

What methods are you using to enhance your connection to your purpose and meaning of your life?

How are you strengthening  with your values and beliefs?

How are your beliefs helping you manage adversity?


Remember, this is about your ideal health. The deeper you can look into each dimension, the clearer and more complete will be your picture. Remember to let your heart guide you.

In my next post, I’ll talk about beginning to put this vision to good use.

Until next time…

Take GOOD care of yourself.