The Second Secret

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your life while you were trying to make positive changes? Wouldn’t you like to escape the cycle of deprivation and over-indulgence that we often experience when trying to improve ourselves?

In my past post, I talked about two secrets to make lasting improvements in life:

  1. Begin with a deep appreciation for the wonder that is you.
  2. Enjoy the journey.

In that post, I suggested that we start with appreciation and gratitude for the amazing gift that is our body. Spend some time each day consciously being grateful for this magnificent gift. That’s the first step to lasting results.

The second secret is to develop the mindset that it’s not about the results, it’s about the journey. If we start with an appreciation for the work that our cells do each day and an awareness that we are guaranteed only this minute of life, it makes sense that making ourselves miserable today to gain a more improved future self is short-sighted.

Yes, we need discipline. Yes, we need to practice delaying gratification. We also need to be able to find joy in each and every day. Total sacrifice of the delight in daily living may get you quick results, but not lasting ones. And lasting ones are the truly healthy ones.  Putting your body on a never-ending roller coaster of cycles of extreme discipline and self-indulgence is only going to produce enough stress to override the benefits of whatever change you are trying to make.

So when you are reaching for your goals, remember that how you do it is more important than achieving the goal.

That’s how I approach personal improvement. If you can take these two secrets and make them work for you, I’m glad I could help. If living this way sounds good to you, and you need some guidance getting on this path, consider working with me. I want to make your life’s journey healthy AND happy.

Take GOOD care of yourself.