I’ve Got My Vision. What’s Next?

Pam Derr   
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Aug 02

  How best to use the vision you have created?   Close your eyes and see your creation on the horizon.  Make the image as vivid as you can.  Got it?  Great! Beginnings can often be overwhelming.  Keeping things in perspective is key. Here

Your Vision, Part Three

Pam Derr   
Jul 26

    How is your vision of a healthy, vibrant you coming along?  So far, we have covered the dimensions of movement, exercise, and rest, personal and professional development, your physical environment, your relationships and communication, and your mind-body connection. As promised, I have more questions to help you expand

Your Vision, Part Two

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Jul 19

    What progress have you made in creating your vision of your ideal state of health? In my last post, I gave you questions to more fully develop your picture of your overall health and two specific dimensions, your physical environment and your relationships.  

Your Vision, Part One

Pam Derr   
Jul 12

What is your vision of a healthy, vibrant you? How would you look and feel if you were in your best state of well-being? What would your ideal environment, both physical and social, be? The most important words in those questions are your Categories : Blog, Personal Health Inventory Tags : , ,

The Second Secret

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Jun 19

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your life while you were trying to make positive changes? Wouldn’t you like to escape the cycle of deprivation and over-indulgence that we often experience when trying to improve ourselves? In my past post, I talked about two secrets to make lasting improvements in life: