Connecting Your Values to Your Health Vision


Many times we are motivated to change by outside influences. Our doctor may recommend we change our diet to avoid future health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Employers may suggest we need to improve our communication and relationship skills. Loved ones may encourage us to reduce our level of stress. These influences may range from a gentle nudge to a major push. The health, job, or stress issue may be mild or it may be immediately threatening to our well-being.

These external influences are reflected in your vision of your best health. To make a solid commitment to your vision, you also need to discover how what you value is reflected in your vision. While the opinions of experts and loved ones may be essential to determine the what of your vision, it is the connection between your values and your vision, or your why, that will provide you with commitment to begin to change and to continue to change.

So why do you want to be in good health?

Let’s take the example of diet changes to avoid a future or looming health condition. Following doctor’s orders makes sense. Why else go to the doctor? Of course we want to prevent health problems. Who wants any discomfort, loss of energy, taking medication or undergoing medical procedures if it can be avoided? These reasons may be enough to motivate you to start to make changes. Staying on course requires identifying our own personal reasons for having good health.

Here are a few questions that allow you to take a deeper look at your why. How would achieving your ideal state of health allow you to:

More fully enjoy spending time with your loved ones?

Accomplish your personal and professional goals?

Make your special contribution to the world around you?

Increase the range of activities you want to do?

Be of service to others?

Allow you to pursue your hobbies or artistic interests?

Reduce your daily level of pain?

Provide you with additional peace of mind?

Improve your relationship with yourself?

Bring more joy to your life?

You can add any other dimension you can think of to dig deeper into what you value most. I can’t stress enough how focusing on what you want and need for yourself is the key here. Give yourself permission to have wants and needs, even if this is unfamiliar territory for you. It’s ok to acknowledge your choice of limits. You can build the energy and strength you need to enjoy your daily life. You don’t have to live up to the expectations of others.

This is for you.


Until next time…


Take GOOD care of yourself.


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